Runaway Prevention in Foster Care

  • Nov 1, 2017
  • AWOL, running away
  • Health

Why do foster kids run away? The reason for running from placements often fall into two categories: (1) wanting to be with their family and friends and (2) disliking their current placement. For Runaway Prevention Month, we gathered resources you should look through so you know what happens if you run away while in foster care or run away from a group home. 


The NRS is a 24/7 outreach service that you can call, text chat or e-mail if you have been thinking about running from your placement. Their team members are trained to listen and will not judge you, no matter what. 


A lot of youth wonder, "How do I get out of foster care at 17?" Find out what the foster care runaway laws in New York State are if you are trying to leave foster care before 18.