Info for YOU About Your Time in Care!

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As a youth in the care of New York State, there's some things it's good to know right away.




Doing "Normal" Things in Care

Wondering if you can do all the “normal” things that someone who isn’t in care can do, like having a phone or getting a driver’s license? Check here to find out about doing these “normal” activities in care.







Checking Your Credit, Keeping Your Identity Safe

During your time in care, it’s important to be sure you don’t become a victim of identity theft. Find out how to stay safe by checking on your credit score.






Permanency Planning For YOU

While you’re in care, your caseworker should work with you to find the most stable and healthy home for you. We call this “permanency.” Check out what your options for permanency are.







Transitioning Out of Care

A lot of the planning you’ll do in care will be about preparing to transition out someday. Here’s some things you’ll need to know when making your plan to leave care.