Webex- Street Smarts: Safety Skills for Youth in Care - 6.22.21

June 22

10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Street Smarts: Safety Skills for Youth in Care

It is imperative that those working with youth develop an understanding of the everyday societal dangers that youth may encounter today and in the future as they move to become independent adults. As part of preparing youth to be safe active members of the community it is critical that normative experiences are provided to prepare them for potentially dangerous experiences and to help connect them to resources that may either prevent these experiences or assist youth in dealing with them after they have occurred. This training is intended to focus on the skill set commonly referred to as “street smarts”, to heighten awareness, and provide opportunity for those working with youth to examine how these skills can be taught and practiced.

You may use the Human Services Learning Center link to register: https://www.hslcnys.org/hslc/