Mike Wood explains what Youth in Progress is and how it has helped his life as a New York State youth in care.

About Us

We are youth in care in New York State that promote positive youth development and support adult/youth partnerships and adolescents in achieving successful outcomes. Learn more! ("What is YIP?" PDF)

Our mission is to enhance and advance the lives of today's and tomorrow's foster youth by supporting our sense of self and responsibility. To do this, we pledge to educate everyone involved in the various systems Youth In Progress members represent, to the realities of this experience.

Bill of Rights

The New York State Office of Children & Family Services released the New York State Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in Foster Care. These support OCFS's vision of improving the well-being of children and youth in foster care by promoting normative experiences. The Bill of Rights are available in English (OCFS-2132) and Spanish (OCFS-2132-S).

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of Modern-day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. For more information, view the Human Trafficking Need to Know Series brochure or the OCFS website.


Important Info for YOU About Your Time in Care!

Welcome to Youth in Progress! As a youth in the care of New York State, there's some things it's good to know right away.

New York State Fall 2017 Internships

The New New York Leaders Program's fall 2017 application process runs until September 12, 2017. The internship Program provides college students the unique opportunity to work with New York State agencies to gain experience and a greater perspective of the professional world. Students may apply for multiple paid and/or unpaid internships with one application. Opportunities are available throughout New York State. Apply online this summer.

Urban Youth Jobs Program

The Urban Youth Jobs Program helps young people (ages 16-24) in NYS entering the world of work have a successful start. This program helps makes it easier for youth to find a job, and receive critical workforce skills while developing a career path. Getting certified for the program is a snap; register online here and check out this fact sheet for more info.

National Youth in Transition Database

Graphic of the National Youth In Transition Database brochure

View the NYTD brochure, Spotlight on NYTD video, or the National Youth in Transition Database website for more information.


Graphic of the Youth In Progress region of NY